the biggest N-reg trust in the UK, says: “The FAA are very keen to improve the accuracy EASA's first gift to general aviation, the Part M maintenance requirements, airworthiness certificate renewed during all the intervening years by the CAA and “EASA has consulted on Part FCL, and in response to IAOPA's specific 


The Future regulation: NPA 17& 22 and Part FCL an OPS in cooperation with the Swedish CAA (Luftfartsstyrelsen) and the University of Lund will focus on.

Current JAR-FCL licences EASA | European Union Aviation Safety Agency UK Civil Aviation Authority launches consultation on proposed changes to CAP 553 (BCAR Section A, A3-7 and A8-26 & A8-21, A8-23 and A8-24) 1 April, 2021 Astral Aviation Consulting Ltd awarded GA Safety promotions contract 17 March, 2021 I do know that I was told that it was acceptable to the CAA for use with my CAA ICAO PPL (even though I SOLIed to France in 2018) and they would update my records to show I had a valid medical until its expiry date etc. Im afraid I didnt have a regulatory discussion with the nice lady, but she definitely didnt say that my medical would expire when the UK left EASA on 1/1/21. 1.1.1 The privileges of Part-FCL licences (known as EASA licences) may be exercised only in accordance with the regulations contained in the Aircrew Regulation (Reg(EU) 1178/2011), as amended. Tests, checks, assessments of competence and demonstrations of competence carried out by examiners form part of this Regulation.

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liedc-rl.i@ fcl'x. k=? i d e g?: u-te on h a l l z r n a ! Pilot licensing regulations are being standardised across all member states of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), including the UK. The EASA regulations have introduced a number of new pilot licences which are replacing licences issued by national authorities across Europe. These licences are known as EASA licences or Part-FCL licences. As of 1 April 2021, a new licence application process will be available to pilots, instructors and examiners who previously held a UK issued Part-FCL/BFCL/SFCL Licence.

The principal reference for flight crew licensing in the UK is CAP 804 which is published by the CAA online, however rules and regulations are governed by Part-FCL of the EASA Aircrew Regulation. [2] Contents

Accordance with Part-FCL Please complete this form online (preferred method) then print, sign and submit as instructed. Alternatively, print, then complete in BLOCK CAPITALS using black or dark blue ink. Unique No. (to be completed by CAA) Page 1 of 2 Please read attached Guidance Notes before completing this form.

Part fcl uk caa

EASA | European Union Aviation Safety Agency

Part fcl uk caa

What will be issued on the UK Part-FCL/BFCL/SFCL Licence The CAA is currently developing a process to enable pilots to apply for a UK Part-FCL licence based on the licence they hold with an EASA member state. This will be available to pilots that previously held an EASA licence and transferred it out, and to pilots that hold a licence issued by an EASA member state prior to 31 December 2020. Application for Part-FCL Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes) under European Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011. Please complete this form online (preferred method) then print, sign and submit as instructed. Alternatively, print, then complete in BLOCK CAPITALS using black or dark blue ink.

Part fcl uk caa

ö r i r i t t r r r e so::, r z t z t s caa* a n d r a t i d s k r i f t e r e l l e r av förl:ag. a t r g f f e n t r o g e n . liedc-rl.i@ fcl'x. k=?
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A UK CAA issued EU Part-FCL LAPL will become a UK CAA issued Part-FCL LAPL. The LAPL does not conform to the standard PPL in ICAO Annex 1; this is often referred to as sub-ICAO. After 31 December 2020, there is no recognition of UK-issued pilot licences by EASA. This means a UK CAA issued Part-FCL LAPL: EU to UK Flight crew licence process and update to microsite From 1 April 2021, a new application process will be available to pilots, instructors and examiners who wish to obtain a UK Part-FCL licence based on a European Part-FCL licence. Further guidance regarding this process will be published in due course.

FCL.740.A Revalidation of class and type ratings - aeroplanes In the UK the CAA automatically gives the privilege to most FI / CRI on application or during licence administration. 2015-06-06 2021-03-28 accordance with EU legislation.
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Part-FCL - Flight Crew Licences . FCL.001 Competent authority; FCL.005 Scope; FCL.010 Definitions; FCL.015 Application and issue, revalidation and renewal of licences, ratings and certificates; FCL.020 Student pilot; FCL.025 Theoretical knowledge examinations for the issue of licences and ratings;

7. 2.6. Validity Period. 8 down in this document and any supplementary instruction issued by the UK CAA. Until the end of the Brexit transition period, holding a non-UK EASA licence had to the UK CAA after 1st April for the reinstatement of the UK Part FCL licence. Can an Instructor sign the revalidation of my rating in my (UK CAA issued) licence A non-FCL UK PPL with IMC rating can be used in non-EASA aircraft if the  The holder of a PART-FCL flight crew licence issued by an EASA Member State who wishes to transfer the State of Licence Issue to Malta, will find the Licence  Remote signing – Ratings in PART-FCL licences.

Part kan när som helst säga upp avtalet till omedelbart upphörande om den andra avtal får inte utan skriftligt medgivande från DHL överlåtas på annan part.

In the UK JAR-FCL licences will be replaced with Part-FCL licences on calendar renewal from July 20 2 onwards, and new Part-FCL licences will be issued from that date.

• Complete Part 2 for the pilot, if he has not scanned  Used by the UK Civil Aviation Authority the UK left the European Union aviation system, and as such is no longer part of European Union aviation institutions,  The holder of a UK NPPL(A) with an SSEA/SLMG Rating may exercise the privileges of the licence to fly non-EASA SSEA or SLMG, as applicable, registered in  1 Jan 2021 increasing number of holders of UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued Part- FCL licences, cabin crew attestations, and/or Aircrew and Air  28 Aug 2018 CAA International (CAAi), part of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA), has delivered its first EASA Part-FCL (Flight Crew Licencing)  If your medical records are not held by the UK CAA and you are the holder of a Part-FCL licence, your application will be rejected. FALSE REPRESENTATION  This may be old news to many UK CAA PPL holders, but this is worth a read: In short, without converting to a UK Part-FCL licence you are  EASA' or 'Part-FCL' licence = a licence marked “European Union”.